408(b)(2) Fee Disclosure Checklist

ERISA plan fiduciaries need to examine and evaluate a plan’s administrative expenses in order to ensure that a plan does not engage in a prohibited transaction by paying unreasonable fees to service providers.

Section 408(b)(2) permits ERISA plans to enter into reasonable arrangements for services necessary to the establishment or operation of the plan if the compensation paid for the services is reasonable.  DOL regulations require “covered service providers” to provide plan fiduciaries with information regarding the nature and cost of the services which they provide. A plan fiduciary who does not receive adequate information from a covered service provider may continue to rely on the protection of Section 408(b)(2) if the fiduciary requests that the service provider furnish the required information and, if the service provider fails to comply, reports the failure to the Department of Labor.

Here is a checklist to help plan fiduciaries to identify whether the initial disclosures received from a plan’s covered service providers comply with the requirements of Section 408(b)(2).  Note that information must be provided not only with respect to services rendered by the covered service provider itself, but also with regard to services provided by its affiliates and subcontractors.  Covered service providers are also required to provide updated information when a contract is renewed  or extended or when certain critical information changes. Read More →