Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

The Sulentic Law Firm works with clients to deliver sustainable solutions to human resources issues.

Today’s workforce is dynamic, culturally diverse, broad in its geographic reach and sensitive to the global economy. Your human resources challenges — whether in talent management, organizational development, employee relations or compensation and benefits — are as complex as the people who work for you.

We take the time to understand your workforce in order to find solutions that are aligned with your business objectives and can be sustained over time.

We can help you with:

Employee Benefits / Total Rewards:

  • Designing effective employee benefit plans and incentive arrangements
  • Complying with ERISA, the Internal Revenue Code, HIPPA, and related legislation
  • Providing training and support to ERISA fiduciaries
  • Correcting operational and plan defects through voluntary corrections programs
  • Managing vendor relationships


Employee Relations / Talent Management / Organizational Development / Leadership:

  • Developing employment policies and procedures
  • Managing individual and team performance
  • Designing employment agreements, employee handbooks, and individual and group severance arrangements
  • Resolving workplace conflict in the workplace through training, workplace mediation, and facilitation of team discussions
  • Integrating legal advice with change management objectives
  • Communicating with employees about workplace developments, corporate changes, reductions-in-force,and crisis management
  • Identifying recurrent and predictable cycles of human resources issues in order to optimize employee engagement and productivity
  • Conducting independent investigations of alleged employee misconduct

Please contact Alison Sulentic at 832-794-0056 or email Alison to discuss how The Sulentic Law Firm, PLLC can assist you with your HR legal needs.



Conflict happens in every workplace. Left untended, a misunderstanding between co-workers can erupt into costly litigation that drains the company of its resources and employees of their confidence and energy. If properly managed, however, conflict can often be resolved by encouraging employees to explore mutually beneficial solutions.

A skilled mediator and conflict resolution coach, Alison Sulentic is trained in both transformative and narrative mediation techniques. She is certified to use the Conflicts Dynamic Profile, an assessment tool designed to help individuals better understand and manage conflict triggers.

Services to advance the resolution of workplace conflicts include:

Workplace conflict resolution:

  • Analysis of internal conflicts through interviews of affected employees and examination of internal records
  • In-house mediation of disputes among employees or between employees and managers
  • Mediation of disputes at the C-suite level, including disputes with regard to executive compensation and severance arrangements
  • Facilitation and team building to promote greater understanding of individual and mutual goals and challenges
  • Training of managers and HR professionals to handle internal conflicts in an effective manner

Conflict Resolution Coaching

Individualized coaching can help managers and employees to prepare for and conduct challenging conversations. One-on-one coaching can be particularly helpful to managers who would like to improve their ability to manage conflict among their employees, deliver challenging performance reviews or other difficult messages, or to lead employees through organizational change.

Mediation of Disputes in Civil Litigation, Particularly Concerning Workplace Issues

Mediation is process in which a mediator, as a neutral third party, encourages and facilitates a discussion between parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or understanding. Since mediation is a confidential process, discussions can take place in a spirit of candor that often leads to the resolution of disputes in a cost-effective manner.

Please contact Alison Sulentic at 832-794-0056 or email Alison to discuss which conflict resolution services might best meet your needs.



Today’s business leaders must perform at the highest levels in a work environment that is dynamic, technologically sophisticated and culturally diverse. Professional coaching can help you:

  • identify the challenges and opportunities of your work environment
  • understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • plan achievable steps towards professional success
  • navigate the political and interpersonal challenges in your work environment
  • plan and lead organizational change
  • manage and resolve conflicts with your peers and your direct reports
  • understand cultural diversity and practical challenges of working in a global economy.

Alison Sulentic is available to coach managers and employees to improve individual performance and contributions to business effectiveness. Trained in the CoActive® Model of professional coaching, Alison Sulentic offers insightful and client-focused coaching to help you achieve your professional goals. As a former law professor, Alison draws on many years’ experience in teaching people how to organize and present their ideas effectively in both written and verbal communications. Her background as a lawyer and a mediator has given her a special insight into methods of managing and resolving conflict in the workplace.

Please contact Alison Sulentic at 832-794-0056 or email Alison to discuss how professional coaching can help you meet your goals.