Professional Coaching to Improve Performance & Effectiveness

Today’s business leaders must perform at the highest levels in a work environment that is dynamic, technologically sophisticated and culturally diverse. Professional coaching can help you:

  • identify the challenges and opportunities of your work environment
  • understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • plan achievable steps towards professional success
  • navigate the political and interpersonal challenges in your work environment
  • plan and lead organizational change
  • manage and resolve conflicts with your peers and your direct reports
  • understand cultural diversity and practical challenges of working in a global economy.

Alison Sulentic is available to coach managers and employees to improve individual performance and contributions to business effectiveness. Trained in the CoActive® Model of professional coaching, Alison Sulentic offers insightful and client-focused coaching to help you achieve your professional goals. As a former law professor, Alison draws on many years’ experience in teaching people how to organize and present their ideas effectively in both written and verbal communications. Her background as a lawyer and a mediator has given her a special insight into methods of managing and resolving conflict in the workplace.

Please contact Alison Sulentic at 832-794-0056 or email Alison to discuss how professional coaching can help you meet your goals.