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Safety Awareness Promoted by the National Safety Council | June is National Safety Month

Safety Guidelines Promoted During National Safety Month

Safety issues are often overlooked. Injuries are the leading cause of disability for people of all ages and the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 1 and 44.   National Safety Month provides an opportunity to reflect on ways to reduce injuries at home, in the workplace and on the road.

Some sobering statistics:

  • Abuse of prescription drugs–particularly painkillers–is a growing problem in the United States.  Approximately 18 women die every day from a prescription painkiller overdose.
  • Distracted driving–texting or eating–is involved in almost one in five accidents that result in injuries to people.
  • One third of older Americans (age 65 and older) suffer a fall each year.


The National Safety Council publishes resources to help employers reduce the incidence of injury on the job, including ideas about how to educate drivers to avoid distractions.

Be safe!